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петак, 17. фебруар 2017.

About Copywriting

Readers on a site want fresh, creative, sometimes shocking, but first of all realistic reports. Of course these rules are applied for text with informative content which notify about current subjects, news and subjects that demand quick reaction from the writer, usually journalists.
It's easy to get the reader to a site, but they can just as easily leave it. It's needed to "keep them with the text". 
Google likes longer texts the most, but readers like them short and precise, so the most effective text is one which is concrete and has a balance between the both. That's a copywriters job.
Creative writing, and especially copywriting is very wanted and popular on the internet, creative writing is everywhere around us, but not many people can identify it, which is its strongest weapon. 
Copywriting has lots of writing elements, from subject to subject it's needed to adapt to the readers, follow the wishes of the campaign creator, use the right words in the right place that are going to target and stimulate product presentation.
Strong header is necessary because it attracts readers, next part of the text needs to get to the point right away (right in the center), It's important to hold the readers attention using short but interesting information, all of that to get space for the final punch with which we send the final message.
That is the main mission of text writing.Text finishing is done with a short conclusion in which the final message is seen again, and finally making a call to action.
Keeping the readers on the site can also be done in other ways, for example by giving them a subject to discuss, where they comment and take the site to the highest possible level.Audience can be activated and interested in many ways, but it's important to be very careful knowing that people on the internet are very sensitive to intrusive style of writing.
Using a simple story, the message sent is much stronger than with a complicated text that uses a lot of scientific words that not many readers can understand.
Never expect from a copywriter to solve your problem with one text.
The ads must have continuity, especially if the product doesn't have any tradition and is new on the market, to become popular it takes a lot of honest and conscientious writing. Hours of thinking go into each and every subject, it takes a number of steps to get to the solution, the result should be unique and only then it is good.

Aleksandar Sugic

понедељак, 13. фебруар 2017.

Aleksandar Sugic Copywriter

                            About me

I am a very positive, open minded person and I try to expand my knowledge, education and experience by transforming it into magical writing.
For over fifteen years I am in the real estate business, where I stacked my experience by searching for solutions to each of my clients problems. Real estate is a very responsible job with a lot of different elements to make everyone satisfied. I am very proud of my marketing techniques for presenting every apartment and others in the best way possible. 
I am also in the online marketing job in the last four years where I developed marketing methods to highest points. Starting as an affiliate, my next level was more serious businesses, where it was needed to have good text writing abilities, including my SEO knowledge and finding the best keywords. All of that makes me a copywriter.
This portfolio presents some of my work, contact me with any questions via comment or by emailing me.

''The human brain is a funny thing: it's very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential.''
Ray Stevens